I am currently undertaking research in Virtual Reality; Pedagogy; Inclusion and Accessibility; and Games. My research activities are complemented by skills and industrial experience in Creative Technologies, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Design. I am interested in hearing from graduates interesting in undertaking a postgraduate degree in one of these areas.

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My first degree was in design with education following this undertook my first lectureship in creative technologies at Coleg Harlech. While there, I became the first person internationally to teach an entire FE course via social media. I am currently a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for Games Computing at the University of Lincoln.

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I am currently director of two companies, and CEO of Picselica VR. At Picselica we build Virtual Reality experiences, including the extremely popular Ocean Rift, one of the best selling VR applications of all time. In addition, I offer IT and software consultancy services for UK businesses, I specialise in advising on digital innovation, and process optimisation.

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Using Lightweight Teaching Methods

I have used various lightweight feedback methods in my teaching for many years. I began using these informal approaches when I started teaching in colleges. At this time, the college didn’t have any formal module feedback mechanisms (such as module evaluations) in place, and I needed insight from the students to develop my teaching style.

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Its been a while…

The immortal words of Staind (thats a band…) “Its been a while” perfectly describes  how much I have updated my blog in the past 2 years… oops! To be honest, I go through odd phases of blogging… After moving to lincoln I feel out of the habit. It was only recently, during a teleconference to

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Persuasion Workshop – British HCI (Lincoln)

I’ve just got back from the Persuasion Workshop at British HCI2015, hosted at Lincoln. Due to a number of personal reasons, this is the first conference that I have not been able to stay for the whole event, and its a real shame as its an interesting field, and Lincoln is a wonderful place to visit.

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Paper Accepted – SGAI2015

Our full paper `”The Influence of Virtual Reality on the Perception of Artificial Intelligence Characters in Games” has been accepted for publication at SGAI2015. The pre-print can be downloaded here.