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Persuasion Workshop – British HCI (Lincoln)

I’ve just got back from the Persuasion Workshop at British HCI2015, hosted at Lincoln. Due to a number of personal reasons, this is the first conference that I have not been able to stay for the whole event, and its a real shame as its an interesting field, and Lincoln is a wonderful place to visit.

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Paper Accepted – SGAI2015

Our full paper `”The Influence of Virtual Reality on the Perception of Artificial Intelligence Characters in Games” has been accepted for publication at SGAI2015. The pre-print can be downloaded here.


High Performance Computing Summit 2015

On Monday (2nd of February) myself, Joseph Mearman (@mearwolf) and Dr. Jonathan Roberts (@jcrbrts) traveled down to London for the 2015 High Performance Computing Summit. We were there to promote the concept of visualisation in the big data pipeline, and had been asked to run a short workshop on the subject. The event was a superb opportunity

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