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Using Lightweight Teaching Methods

I have used various lightweight feedback methods in my teaching for many years. I began using these informal approaches when I started teaching in colleges. At this time, the college didn’t have any formal module feedback mechanisms (such as module evaluations) in place, and I needed insight from the students to develop my teaching style.

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Its been a while…

The immortal words of Staind (thats a band…) “Its been a while” perfectly describes  how much I have updated my blog in the past 2 years… oops! To be honest, I go through odd phases of blogging… After moving to lincoln I feel out of the habit. It was only recently, during a teleconference to

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Persuasion Workshop – British HCI (Lincoln)

I’ve just got back from the Persuasion Workshop at British HCI2015, hosted at Lincoln. Due to a number of personal reasons, this is the first conference that I have not been able to stay for the whole event, and its a real shame as its an interesting field, and Lincoln is a wonderful place to visit.

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Paper Accepted – SGAI2015

Our full paper `”The Influence of Virtual Reality on the Perception of Artificial Intelligence Characters in Games” has been accepted for publication at SGAI2015. The pre-print can be downloaded here.