Making a submission

If you would be interested in sharing your practice, please fill out the following submission form by the 13th of August – a tight turnaround, but should only take 30 mins to complete.

We would be interested in submissions covering any aspect of teaching and learning. The one requirement is that a talk should include some practical advice that participants could include within their teaching and learning activities. This can be subject-specific or generic pedagogy.

This first submission ahead of the conference will go through a light-touch peer review process.

We are planning to publish the submissions as a book, or journal special issue. This will be a second submission after the conference with a more detailed peer review. This is to a) give everyone time to write up their approach and b) allow you to benefit from the feedback on the day.


If you are interested in attending, please register here. Details about how to attend each stream will be emailed to all ticket holders ahead of the event. Registration is essential for attendance.

General tickets are donation-based, meaning they are completely free, but if you would like to contribute a small amount towards the running of the event you are able to. This is completely optional and not required but help us to cover the cost of the event.

The event will be held entirely online on Microsoft Teams. You will be able to participate through either the MS Teams app, or though your normal web browser. Three streams will run concurrently, and participants will be able to move between them freely.

Student tickets are available and any student with an interest in education are very welcome to engage and attend.