Lincoln Island is a project where we have re-imagined the Brayford campus into a fantasy video game. The aim is to allow people to get a little bit of the “Lincoln experience” through a digital engagement without having to come on site. At the moment, we are all having to self isolate, and stay at home… but for many of us, the Brayford campus feels like part of our home and we miss being there. Also, many prospective students will have hoped to visit the campus before coming here for their studies. With the current government advice they would be unable to do that, but through the game they can at least get a sense of where everything is. In the game, although the buildings are “re-imagined” to match their fantasy narrative, they are all placed in the same location, and all the paths and roads are in the same places at the same scale. Put simply, if you can learn to navigate Lincoln Island, you will be able to find your way around campus. Furthermore, all the AI characters in the game are based on real staff and students. 60 of our current Lincoln students have created their own NPC (non player character) who will tell you about their experiences as a student here. Furthermore, you can find representations of a number of our staff, my colleagues, who will tell you about their role, and give you advice.

We have tried to make this engagement as fun as possible. As with a regular role playing game, the NPCs will offer you quests, learning games designed to help you learn a bit about Lincoln. We hope that by engaging with a game like this that students could feel less anxious about moving to university and joining our community, because they will already know their way around, and they will know the names of some friendly people willing to support them.

Report Issues, and Submit Ideas

Lincoln Island isn’t finished! We want to add more characters, content, mini-games, and more advanced quests. We are also planning to make the game multi-player, so we can explore the map together. 

However, if you spot something broken, please report it here

If you have any ideas for how Lincoln Island could be developed, please let us know and we will consider them for future updates – Submit your ideas here

Be Part of Lincoln Island

Are you staff or student at the University of Lincoln? Would you like to be immortalized as a Non-Player Character (an NPC) on the island? Lincoln Island is full of AI characters that the player can interact with. We currently have a number of NPCs based on real staff and students and we are adding to this database all the time. If you would like to be included submit your details in the following forms. 

For staff click here
For students click here