Thank you for presenting at Practical Pedagogy. The Practical Pedagogy conference is a academic practice sharing event at its core. The focus is on sharing tangible teaching activities and methods that attendees can adopt into their own practice, rather than an overt focus on theory – hence “Practical Pedagogy”. This conference will be entirly online, run through Microsoft Teams.

Please prepare your submissions with the following in mind:


You should aim to speak for a maximum of 20 minutes. Following your Talk there will be a QnA session moderated by your chair of around 5 minutes. The individual sessions are run back to back, so there is no capacity to run over, and your chair will end the session early if you have not finished.

Please note, if you have to start late (due to technical issues for example) we may need to cut your session short to prevent the streams overrunning.


As mentioned in the introduction to this page. The focus of this event is on accessible practical guidance. You should assume that the majority of your attendees are not familiar with signature pedagogies, or specific theoretical frameworks.

You can provide as much context (in the form of theory, or results) as you wish but the focus should be providing tangible advice to participants. There are many ways that you can achieve this, but you may want to think of delivering your talk in the form of a recipe or set of instructions, or using the CIO (Context, Intervention, Knowledge) method.


What was the problem that you were facing? What issue were you trying to tackle? Where did you get your good idea from?


What did you do, and how did you do it? What were the challenges your faced? Were there any mistakes you made that you would want others to avoid?


What have you/we learnt from your experience? How would other people do the same thing, or adapt your method to suit their own context?

As a minimum standard, all talks should end with around three takeaway lessons. We would like you to add these as either the last slide, or the penultimate slide before a contact details slide.

Slide Preparation and Design

There is no obligation to use visual aids in your talk. However, if you do please keep text on slides to a minimum, emphasizing key points only. If you wish to include a Practical Pedagogy Logo, you can use either of the ones attached here.

If you use any images in your slides, please remember to use the AltText options to keep the slides accessible.


Please submit your slides ahead of the presentation by close of play on the 8th of September. When you save your slides, please set the filename to your name to help identify them.

You can submit your slides at this link –

We are asking you to submit your slides ahead of time as we would like all session chairs to have access to all the slide decks. This is so that they can share the slides on your behalf incase there is any technical issues.

We also encourage all authors to submit their slides to the National Teaching Repository (though this is optional). However, you may wish to upload your slides to that location, and make them available for participants in the session. If you send us (Chris Headleand) a link to your repository we will include this link on the website. Information about the national teaching repository is available at the bottom of this page.

Working with Your Chair

We would encourage you to speak to your chair ahead of the event. You can discuss with the chair how you would like to work with them throughout your session. For example, some people like to have their chair remind them when they are running out of time, others may like to have their chair monitor the questions coming in through the chat interface. The chair is there to help you run your session smoothly so please work with the,

Keynotes and Panels

As a keynote or a panel participant you have the full 1.5 hour block available to you. Your chair will strictly keep you to this time.

As a keynote, you can choose to use as much, or as little of this session as you wish. You can break it up with QnA, disscussion points, or run as a single block. The time is entirly yours and you can use it any way you see fit. We still encourage keynotes to think of key takeaways that participants can leave the session with, and encourage you to add these into your presentation.

If you are on a panel, the time, structure, and format will be dictated by your chair. Please look to them for leadership and direction during the session. In a panel it is best to keep your answers concise and on point, and allow your chair to guide the session. You do not have anything you need to prepare.


Please tweet about your session in the runup. You can use the following hashtag

#PracticalPedagogy1 (please include the 1)

And feel free to tag the Pedagogy and Pancakes twitter account. @pedpancakes

Tweeting about your session can help further promote the event, and encourage attendance at your session. Furthermore, it can develop a conversation ahead of the conference, helping participants to think of questions to ask. It can also help share your practice to a larger audience through the magic of social media.

On the day, every talk will be given their own hashtag in the format of #pracped[session number] to make discussion about individual sessions searchable. There will also be other social channels available (more about this later).

National Teaching Repository

To support dissemination we encourage you to share your presentations on The National Teaching Repository. If you haven’t come across it before it is an OER, a secure space designed especially to house tried and tested practical learning and teaching focused research and resources that we know work in practice.

So to upload there is no need to register or create an account. You can simply share your work by clicking here: Please tell the system you are not a robot and then select ‘The National Teaching Repository’ from the drop down menu. Then simply drag your file to upload. Add your author details and ORCID ID if required, and request a DOI if you so wish. Please select the category that is the best fit and then add a few key words to help others to discover your work.

When it arrives we’ll review it and assign it to the ‘Pedagogy and Pancakes’ folder for you. It is that simple! Alternatively, if you prefer please send your presentation to Dawne ( /@belld17) or Nathalie ( /@drntasler) and we will upload it for you. If you would like to, please share your Twitter name and we will ‘Tweet’ and share the link to your work to help everyone to be able to find it.  

Find out more about The National Teaching Repository here in this video: