This section gives you a practical overview of how to engage in discussion and collaboration at the Practical Pedagogy Conference 2021.

The Practical Pedagogy Conference is using two online platforms to promote discussion and collaboration throughout the conference, Twitter and Padlet. 

  • Discord is being used as the social and networking during the conference. It will be the space to hang-out and chat. You can join our discord server with this joining link
  • Twitter is our external space, to share ideas with the broader community using the conference hashtag #PracticalPedagogy1. Each session also has a dedicated ID to help you connect with likeminded attendees. Session IDs codes are outlined in the table at the end of this post.
  • Padlet is being used for attendees to share their reflections, resources and questions for specific sessions. There is a dedicated Padlet Board for each session, linked in the table at the end of this post.  

How will I find discussions for the Practical Pedagogy conference on Twitter? 

Create an account on Twitter and then use the search facility to find #PracticalPedagogy1 or follow this link #PracticalPedagogy1 

How do I take part in Twitter discussions? 

If you wish to engage with conference discussions, include the hashtag #PracticalPedagogy1 in your tweets so that other conference attendees can find you. Including the session code, as outlined below, for the session you are attending will help you connect with other attendees in your session. 

For example: I’m attending #PracticalPedagogyagogy1, brilliant opening session #PP1S1, that Chris Headleand is a ruddy delight 

How can I collaborate with other conference attendees at sessions during the event? 

All attendees are encouraged to collaborate throughout the conference using Padlet. A dedicated Padlet Board has been created for each session for attendees to share their reflections and any resources they would recommend for the relevant session topic. You will find a link to the Padlet Board for each session in the table below. On the Padlet Board you can: 

  • Share your key takeaways 
  • Post relevant references and links to resources 
  • Post questions 

Please note you are not required to create a Padlet account to post to these boards. They are publicly available and you are welcome to contribute anonymously.  

Programme Session Description Twitter Session Code  Link to Padlet 
Conference Opening / 09:00 – 09:30 Conference Opening #PP1S1  
Session 1 / 09:30 – 11:00 Stream 1 / Hanya Pielichaty (Keynote)  #PP1S2 
 Stream 2 / Course Design #PP1S3 
 Stream 3 / Assessment #PP1S4 
Session 2 / 11:00 – 12:30 Stream 1 / Feedback #PP1S5 
 Stream 2 / Creative Pedagogy Panel #PP1S6 
 Stream 3 / Learning Community #PP1S7 
Session 3 12:30 – 14:00 Stream 1 / Authentic Practice #PP1S8 
 Stream 2 / Sally Brown (Keynote) #PP1S9 
 Stream 3 / Wellbeing and Tutoring #PP1S10 
Session 4 / 14:00 – 15:30 Stream 1 / Scholarship and Impact Panel #PP1S11 
 Stream 2 / Diversity and Inclusion #PP1S12 
 Stream 3 / Active Learning #PP1S13 
Session 5 / 15:30 – 17:00 Stream 1 / Student Engagement #PP1S14 
 Stream 2 / Blended Learning #PP1S15 
 Stream 3 / Michelle Morgan (Keynote) #PP1S16 
Conference Closing / 17:00- 17:30 Conference Closing #PP1S17 
Table listing session ID codes and links to Padlets

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