Student Engagement

  1. “Student Engagement in the Blended Classroom” a twitter thread of short practical tips to improve student engagement online.
  2. Pastoral Care Online” a twitter thread of tips for running tutorage and general pastoral support online.
  3. Pastoral Care Video” a video discussing pastoral care in the current context with advice pulled from across the University of Lincoln
  4. Dyslexia and Inclusive Online Education” A Twitter thread full of practical advice about how to engage dyslexic students in an online setting.
  5. Socially Distanced Blended Delivery” some general thoughts on blended delivery. Link

Technical Advice

  1. Improving the Video in Filmed and Streamed Learning Materials” a blog post on how to get the most out of your Camera setup. Link
  2. Improving the Audio in Learning Materials” A thread all about microphone and how to fix common audio problems. Link
  3. Building Simple Games in Microsoft Forms” How to create simple learning games in Microsoft forms for playful education.
  4. Editing Webcam Feeds” A thread on how to use a free piece of software to do clever things with your webcam. Link
  5. Easy Camera in Camera Presentation” Similar to the webcam feeds post, but no extra software to install. Really easy way to present and keep yourself in the picture. Link
  6. Using Video Games In Higher Education” Two blog posts and a video about the opportunities of using video games in a HE setting. Link Link Video

Pedagogy and Pancakes

All the Pedagogy and Pancakes videos can be accessed via the Pedagogy and Pancakes link at the top of this page. You can also find them on the YouTube Playlist at this Link.