10am: Student-centred teaching – revisiting Carl Rogers.
Maria Kordowicz (Lincoln)

I frame principles of student learning in higher education through the lens of humanism in this session and offer some practical approaches used in my own on and offline classroom teaching driven by humanist values. Humanistic approaches in teaching promote individual growth and learner-centredness. Within the humanistic approach, student-centred teaching moves away from a prescriptive paternalistic model towards one where the student is given the resource to become an autonomous member of society. Student-centred teaching approaches are firmly rooted in Carl Rogers’ psychotherapeutic constructs, which endorse the transformational power of recognising and nurturing the unique potential of each student. The opportunities and limitations of the application of Rogerian thought are explored.

10:20am: Blend-It: activating blended learning – How LCC transition to blended learning
Puiyin Wong (London College of Communication)

The Digital Learning team at London College of Communication (LCC) has been busy in the summer, working in collaboration with some of our Academic and support colleagues – wWe have designed a dedicated online course on Blended Learning. Our aim is simple, to help our colleagues to transition to blended learning. The online course is packed full of pedagogies, advice on best practice, practical tips and interactive exercises. Upon completion of this course, colleagues can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to design the best possible blended lending environment for their students. The content has been hugely popular and feedback has been very positive. In this talk, I will give you a tour of this course and hopefully to kick start some interesting discussions on Blended Learning.


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