9am: Poetry and pedagogy: Helping students to ‘close read’ through erasure poetry
Aimee Merrydew (Keele)

In this talk, I will discuss my use of creative writing – specifically erasure poetry – as a pedagogical tool within the physical and virtual English Literature classroom. Erasure poetry is a form of found poetry that is created by erasing words from existing objects or texts. I will focus on the benefits (and potential limitations) of erasure poetry for student learning in English Literature and non-creative writing disciplines, focusing on the development of close reading skills. In doing so, I will also provide some top tips for ensuring that erasure poetry activities are effective, fun, and engaging.

9:20am: Watering Horses: Getting Students and Industry to Interact
Carwyn Edwards (North Wales Tech)

North Wales Tech is a volunteer tech community based in North Wales that we have built over the last nearly five years. In that time we have run over 80 events, workshops and tech talks, on the way we have tried many things to try and encourage students and industry to come along and engage with each other. This talk is a collection of anecdotes and observations about what worked and what didn’t.


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