A super short post from me today, but an important one. I’m having a monumentally bad day, and I’ve felt deeply grumpy since 8am (my deepest apologies to anyone who has had to suffer through a meeting with me!). But without going into the reasons, I wasn’t in a great mood, and lockdown seems to make bad days much worse. Normally if I was having a bad day I would step away from my computer for a bit, go for a walk and get a coffee with someone I can talk through my issues with. I don’t know why but web-chats haven’t worked for me in the same way. Sometimes it is nice to have a good moan, but it feels less valuable when moaning at your webcam.

However, my frown was turned upside down by this little lego dude. He arrived at my house this morning after falling through my letter box. He has my stubble, headphones, penchant for hats and even a guitar that looks very much like my home-made aluminum one (code-name Shredder)! He looks like a satirical take on me, and his little face made me giggle. The power of laughter is such a miracle when you are having a bad day – suddenly things don’t seem that bad. Tiny lego Chris was happy, I decided to try and follow his example for the rest of the day.

This chap had been sent to be in the post by the wonderful Sue Beckingham (who has a fantastic website at https://www.suebeckingham.com/). Honestly, it arrived at just the right moment, and honestly made a really bad day much more manageable. One thing I am really grateful for is that I am surrounded by so many kind colleagues. Sue is fantastic, and such a brilliant ambassador for teaching and learning, and such an awesome colleague to work with – someone I find genuinely inspiring. Sally Brown has also cheered me up this morning with a very supportive message (she also has a terrific website here https://sally-brown.net/). I am lucky that I am surrounded by so much positivity.

It’s possibly a little bizarre that a little lego man could have such a huge impact – but genuinely I’m so grateful for it. Getting that in the mail this morning reminded me that people are awesome. Acts of kindness like this can make such a difference when things look a little dark.

Im sure I’m not the only one who has found it hard to manage lockdown at times. So, I’m going to try and remember to send out whatever kindness I can because we all need it so much right now. Probably a sentiment that is best summed up by my friend Raj.

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