I met up (virtually) with Sophie from the EdTech podcast to talk about our Lincoln island virtual campus for a future episode. It was great chatting to Sophie, and after the interview we ended up chatting about all things HE and the future of a post-lockdown university. Sophie and her brilliant editing team managed to edit my rabling into a coherent podcast, and here it is!

Obviously there are going to be huge challenges next year – and the learning experience is going to be quite different. But I do honestly believe that we can turn the disruption into an opportunity. The pandemic has been brutal, and it has changed lives forever, and we can’t lose sight of how damaging that has been. But if history teaches us anything, it should be that disaster often leads to a period of innovation and changes in perspective.

As educators, we have a duty to ensure that we approach next Semester by trying to make things better, rather than just trying to go back to the way things were.


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