10am: Educational video hosting: an options appraisal mapped to pedagogical intentions
Chavan Kissoon (Lincoln)

This short talk will cover the different video hosting options available with specific reference to the options available at the University Lincoln (but with broad reference to general HE practice) explore the strengths and weaknesses of each for different pedagogical intentions.

10:20am: Ready player 1
Rachelle O’Brien (University of Liverpool)

Ever wondered why people struggle to turn off their console? Or why they just need to finish this turn before they stop? Ever wondered what might happen if we apply some of those principles in education? This talk will consider the holding power of games and will explore examples of how we can use games, whether board games, digital games or video games in education, whether that be to deliver learning in a novel way, or to provide motivational and engaging experiences for students.

10:40am: Exploring the Anatomy of an Online Discussion Board Activity
Danielle M Hinton (University of Birmingham)

Discussion boards are vital components in remote teaching, blended, distance and online learning, providing a great platform to engage students with a wide range of conversations. These conversations can be used to challenge students on what they’ve learnt, to invite them to reflect on experiences or simply to share with the wider cohort and build a sense of community. Let’s explore how we can create better online asynchronous discussion activities.

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