9am: Embedded or centralised? The benefits of different levels of integration in English language and study skills support, and how they inform the ELC at Lincoln.
Malgorzata (Gosia) Drewniok (Lincoln)

In this talk I will discuss various levels of English language support integration – from centralised service, through tailored, aligned course, to a fully embedded module, drawing on my experience as an HE educator and EAP (English for Academic Purposes) practitioner. I want to focus on the benefits to give colleagues a clearer idea what sort of support would be most helpful for their students’ needs. I will then talk about how the benefits of different models inform the current direction of Lincoln English Language Centre (ELC) is taking.

9:20am: Intercultural Transition Support & the Impact on COVID 19 Lockdown
Caroline Lowish (Lincoln)

The Lincoln International Business School (LIBS) for the last 3 year, has factored in the Intercultural Transition Programme as part of the international student induction process. This will now be offered to all international students joining the University of Lincoln. The I-CTP Lead works in close collaboration with the LIBS International and Employability Team, providing a seamless transition from virtual to face to face interaction; initiated by the I-CTP’s intercultural support to employability & social opportunities for the duration of the students time at the University of Lincoln. This B-Global support framework inadvertently provided a perfect platform to further support international students during the COVID 19 lockdown, enabling a natural progression of an established community to the Global Lounge which was housed on a dedicated Blackboard site.


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