I talk a lot about the opportunities of using video games in education. In these conversations people are usually really excited about giving it a go, but are often put off by the first hurdle – specifically what type of game they should use, and where they should apply it.

To help with this myself and Ben Williams have generated this Gamified Learning Idea Generator. Simply click visit the link, click “spin” and the app will generate a random idea for gamified learning. There are 16250 possible idea permeations it can generate, and we are going to add more to the database over time.

The Gamified Learning Idea Generator – Click the image to use!

This initial random idea is intended to act as a seed to help you start thinking about the possibilities. It works by selecting a game category (such as ‘table top’ or ‘online multiplayer’); gives you an application for that game (such as “to develop skills” or “to meet new students”); and concludes with an environment or technology (such as “Virtual Reality” or “in a lecture”).

If using this idea generator helps you to develop something fun or interesting please let me know in the comments! Enjoy.

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  1. Fantastic idea… it had already come up with a number of things I will try for induction in September…thank you!

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