Brainstorming can be a daunting task, as individuals will often fixate on a single idea early in the design process. […]
I’ve been chatting to some colleagues about student engagement in the blended classroom. There are some understandable worries about participation […]
I’ve been thinking a lot about how we support the learning community, and how we develop/deploy pastoral activities into the […]
Student-led interviews are a great way to disseminate meaningful information about a programme, school, or institution around a cohort. By […]
I’ve been speaking to a number of colleagues from across the sector regarding the delivery and streaming of practical sessions. […]
Have you ever wished you could add an animated parrot to your video calls? Or deliverer a “picture in picture” […]
After publishing my post about how to film learning materials I had a number of people say “what about audio”. […]
I’ve been involved in a number of discussions with colleagues across the sector recently regarding delivery next year. I have […]
I have created this quick guide to help people to improve the visual quality of their filmed learning materials (or […]
We are likely to be living in various levels of isolation for at least the next academic year. Although some […]