Student-led interviews are a great way to disseminate meaningful information about a programme, school, or institution around a cohort. By […]
9:00 am: Using Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) as Lightweight Feedback Mechanisms (LFMs)Chris Headleand (Lincoln) In this talk, I will discuss […]
Today we had the second Pedagogy and Pancakes session. Despite a few technical challenges we had a great session with […]
Recently during a webcast, someone asked me “if games are so great, why doesn’t everyone use them?”. It was a […]
A couple of weeks ago I decided to start organising some practice sharing seminars. A few calls later and we […]
A super short post from me today, but an important one. I’m having a monumentally bad day, and I’ve felt […]
I met up (virtually) with Sophie from the EdTech podcast to talk about our Lincoln island virtual campus for a […]
I’ve been speaking to a number of colleagues from across the sector regarding the delivery and streaming of practical sessions. […]
Have you ever wished you could add an animated parrot to your video calls? Or deliverer a “picture in picture” […]
I talk a lot about the opportunities of using video games in education. In these conversations people are usually really […]